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Necklace Size Chart

More and more people are choosing to wear jewelry.  Necklaces are a popular daily wear jewelry.  It is important to select the right necklace length.  We have attached a chart which shows the different lengths. 

A 16" or 40 cm necklace fits perfectly around the neck like a collar.  Most necklaces have this length size.  It fits nicely with almost any outfit and fills the space on the collar. 

A 18" or 46 cm necklace is the most popular size among women, with a dropping point just below the throat.  This length of necklace paired with a slightly larger pendant that compensates for the deep V neckline space and gives it a sharp contrast to your outfit. 

A 20" or 50 cm necklace that hangs down slightly below the clavicle, giving a feeling of a more comfortable "breathing space". Many women prefer necklaces of this length and wear them for business or casual wear. For turtlenecks and pullovers, this length is also the right choice.