Himalayan Salt Lamp - Fire Bowl

Himalayan Salt Lamp - Fire Bowl


The Fire Bowl is composed of a wood base, a bowl made from Himalayan salt and large chunks of Himalayan salt that can be placed as desired around the light cage in the base of the bowl. Each bowl includes a removable bulb and cord to light the lamp.

Himalayan salt lamps are used to combat the build up of harmful positive ions indoors and to create a spa-like atmosphere. They are known to include the following benefits: improves breathing, reduces allergies, increases relaxation, improves ability to concentrate, fewer headaches and a better sense of overall health & wellbeing.

Enjoy the wonderful glow and relax. Each Himalayan salt lamp is unique and has been hand crafted into a beautiful lamp.

Made in Pakistan

Buy with confidence knowing that this lamp has been tested according to CSA Standards by the Quality Auditing Institute, a North American approved testing and certification agency. These lamps are tested and certified under CSA C22.2 No. 250.4.

Includes: 1 lamp plus butterfly cord and 15w bulb

Approximately 7 inch round (>7.5 lb) - size/shape varies

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