Brass & Unity 

KSB is proud to carry this line of jewelry!  Brass & Unity was inspired by impossible situations.  Created to enrich the lives of Veterans.  Worn to show love and support. Founder Kelsi Sheren served in the Canadian Forces, including a tour in Afghanistan during the summer of 2009.  After fighting on the front lines, she was diagnosed with severe PTSD and forced to return home.  She always wanted a way to give back to Veterans less fortunate then her.  By combining the art therapy of creation, with support for other Veterans around the world, Brass & Unity was created. This jewelry is hand crafted, using military grade elastic, and shell casings used in military training. B&U is extremely proud to donate a portion of their proceeds to various programs around the world who offer direct help to suffering Veterans such as SheHerdPower, Honour House Society, Light on PTSD, VETS Canada, Wounded Warriors, and Aphria.